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5 - Tagus estuary Cruising

Welcome to the “Cruising Tagus estuary” Gallery.

Voyages of:

© These chronicles are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without the written authorization of the authors.

Rules for the exposition
“Cruising Tagus estuary” Gallery

1.There only will be accepted chronicles related with cruises in the Tagus estuary.
2.The chronicles must be similar to a Log Book and the title shall include the name of the boat.
3.The chronicles must indicate, on the right lower corner, the name of the author.
4.The Gallery reserves the right to refuse the chronicles that aren't aligned with its objectives.
5.The chronicles may be removed from the Gallery at its convenience or by express will of the authors.
6.The chronicles received will be converted into PDF format prior to be posted in the page, to better protect the rights of the authors.
7.The Gallery does not accept any liability for the illegal misuse of the chronicles.
8.We suggest that the chronicles reflect, in the best possible way, the experience of the navigation and exploration of the Tagus estuary.
9.The author can, if he or she wishes, leave in the Gallery his or her mail for direct contact with the visitors.